Electrification Nation program is an entertaining way to experience educational theatre right in your own school.

Join the Evie Wander and other fun characters in this 25-minute show about energy efficiency. Your students will be laughing and learning at the same time!

The show focuses on the following educational points:

  • How electricity is generated
  • What clean energy is
  • What a carbon footprint is
  • What communities and families can do to conserve energy

During the show, your students will learn important lessons about natural gas. You can use the lessons and activities on this page to prolong the engagement for months to come.



A classic multiple choice and true/false quiz game based around the content in this program. You can play and review individually or learn together as a class.

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A vocabulary Language Arts activity where you fill in the blank using letters to spell vocabulary words from this program.

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Classroom trivia game based around the content in the program that can be played one-on-one or team versus team. High score wins!

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These fun, engaging activities can be enjoyed alone, with your class, or with friends and family on any compatible device. Complete the activities along with the online games for a fun and interactive way to learn even more about safety and conservation.

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This downloadable PDF features colorful artwork, entertaining games and activities, and expanded information to complete your understanding of electrical safety. Read on your own, with your class or with friends and family and get to know the characters of Electrification Nation.

Explore the Student Playbook


Flip through this colorful, illustrated e-book with your class or friends and family. This illustrated e-book offers expanded lessons about energy and conservation with entertaining characters and additional activities. Students can read to themselves or with others, and younger students can use the read-along option.

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Graphic Novel

Flip through this colorful graphic novel for a new and engaging story. With fun artwork, entertaining characters and expanded information, the Electrana graphic novel offers a page-turning experience.

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