Program Overview

The Mad About Money livestream is an entertaining way to experience educational theatre from the classroom or at home.

This 35-minute show about financial literacy features a colorful cast of characters in humorous sketches. Through an interactive web platform, a live host will introduce a series of entertaining scenes from professionally-filmed theatrical productions.

The scenes focus on the following educational points:

  • How to prioritize your needs and wants
  • The difference between cash and credit
  • All about investing
  • The importance of forming a savings habit

You’ll experience important lessons about financial literacy along with additional activities you can do at home and in your community.


Welcome to Money Smart 2.0, an exciting, interactive exploration of the concepts of money.

Developing positive financial habits equips students with 21st-century skills and tools that last a lifetime. The engaging lessons, activities and resources found in Money Smart 2.0 can help you build those skills.

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Mad About Money Livestream Special


You’ve watched the livestream and learned about financial literacy. Now you can play these fun, educational games and become a money-saving expert yourself!

Play the games below with your class or with friends and family for an exciting way to learn more about how to use money wisely.

Friendly Feud

Trivia classroom game based around the content in the program that can be played one-on-one or team versus team. High score wins! Plays best on whiteboard, computer or tablet.

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Classic multiple choice and True/ False quiz game based around the content in the program that can be played individually or as a class.

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Word Up! Financial Literacy Vocab

Vocabulary Language Arts Activity, fill in the blank in using letters to spell a vocabulary word from the program.

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These fun, engaging activities can be enjoyed alone, with your class, or with friends and family on any compatible device. Complete the activities along with the online games for a fun and interactive way to become a true energy-saving expert.

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This downloadable PDF features colorful artwork and expanded information to complete your understanding of financial literacy. Read on your own, with your class or with friends and family and dig even deeper into Mad About Money.

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