Southern California Gas Company and NTC invite you to use these e-learning resources to teach your students about the role of natural gas in the culinary arts and the exciting opportunities available in the commercial foods industry. The digital materials below are designed to get your students excited about understanding this important subject.

Want to know the best way to use the related e-book, videos, games, smart speaker activity and other lessons to educate your class? Watch this short video and learn how to easily and effectively add Beyond the Blue Flame to your curriculum!


Educational Standards  

We know your class time is extremely valuable. That’s why we ensure that all of our digital e-learning materials are aligned with state and national educational standards. It’s important that the Beyond the Blue Flame digital program adds to your existing curriculum and keeps students on track with their ongoing learning.

See below for details about how each digital activity aligns with educational standards and corresponds with your state’s curricula.

Educational Standards


Our livestream offers classrooms a convenient, online-accessible option for experiencing educational theatre.

This 45-minute show presents a virtual lesson in energy efficiency for grades 9-12. Through an interactive web platform, a live host will introduce entertaining sketches featuring a variety of characters in educational theatrical scenes.

The sketches focus on the following educational points:

  • The benefits of natural gas
  • Important cooking methods
  • What equipment is needed for cooking with natural gas
  • Foods that are prepared with natural gas

Whether watching in the classroom or at home, your students will learn about the role of natural gas in the culinary arts and the exciting opportunities available in the commercial foods industry.


Our 15 lesson plans comprise a complete curriculum for your students that explores the science behind natural gas and the most common cooking methods they’ll need to know. The lessons include assessments, recipes, step-by-step instructions and expanded information that will keep you and your students engaged for weeks to come!

The lessons are broken into two levels: Introductory and Intermediate. For greater flexibility, the lessons have been further broken down into Beginner and Advanced versions on each level. With four options to choose from for each lesson, you’re sure to have the right fit for the right student.

Beyond The Blue Flame Lessons


Follow-up, formative assessments for you to gauge the learning of your students are especially important with e-learning. Below are some suggestions for how you can assess your students’ performance quickly and effectively.

These assessments are easy for you and your students to complete and help ensure your class is getting the maximum educational value, retention and engagement from the related digital activities.

High School Educational Assessments
Hands-on lessons
Digital games
Interactive activities
PDFs & Print materials
Draw a concept map
Write three things another student may misunderstand about the topic
Journal reflection
Submit screenshot of completed activity    
Hand in completed activity        
Have students make collages relating to the topic
Have students host their own talk show relating to the topic
Each student rolls a die and briefly answers aloud a question based on the number rolled:

  1. I want to remember …
  2. Something I learned today …
  3. One word to sum up what I learned …
  4. Something I already knew …
  5. I’m still confused about …
  6. An aha moement that I had today
Present students with an analogy prompt:
“The concept being covered is like ____ because ____.”


Beyond the Blue Flame activities page features educational games and activities. Access in the classroom or at home to learn more about the role of natural gas in the culinary arts and the exciting opportunities available in the commercial foods industry.

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We take your feedback and suggestions very seriously. Hearing from educators with firsthand experience with our programs ensures that we continue to improve our digital resources, making them as beneficial as possible for you and your students.

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