Greetings from The National Theatre for Children! Each year, we visit schools throughout the country, performing educational theatre programs that teach, entertain and inspire children just like yours. As we all know, times are uncertain in the world right now. NTC was able to visit some schools this year with a special program from Duke Energy, but other schools had their scheduled performances postponed indefinitely, due to the ongoing health crisis. Even though we couldn’t engage every student face-to-face, we still want Duke Energy’s customers to get a free energy efficiency kit, as well as a chance to win some money, as part of the program. Plus, who doesn’t like getting a package when sheltering at home? Check out the details on the My Energy Kit Challenge below.

MEK program

My Energy Kit Challenge

By requesting your FREE energy kit today, not only will you conserve energy at home, your school can also earn cash rewards. Your school will earn $250 for each 100 unique kit requests and the three schools with the most kit requests will receive up to $2,500. And requesting your kit makes you eligible to win $1,000. Request your kit today online at or call 855-386-9548.


This entertaining video explores the following four main educational concepts:

  • How to measure energy use
  • How energy is wasted
  • What renewable resources are
  • How to conserve energy
Kilowatt Krush

Kilowatt Krush

Kilowatt Krush is a FREE educational app from Duke Energy that teaches smart energy use and conservation through an engaging arcade of action-packed, energy-themed games.

Download Kilowatt Krush at your favorite app store. And make sure to request your free energy efficiency kit to get your special code to unlock ALL the games.


Student Activities

These fun and educational activities and games reinforce the concepts learned in the video.

  • Digital games
  • Interactive story e-book
  • Student Playbook
  • Teacher Guide

Access Student Activities

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