Showdown at Conservation Canyon

energy conservation

How to use this program  

Thank you for taking the time to educate your students and their families about energy conservation. We want you to know that participating in this program and using its supplementary materials is easy and integrates seamlessly with national and regional educational standards and classroom curricula.

This teacher toolkit has activities that emphasize the 21st Century Education Skills – Collaboration, Communication, Creativity and Critical Thinking. Along with suggested grade levels, the purpose of each activity and cognitive level of thinking, these allow you to tailor your instruction to meet the needs and abilities of your entire class.

Before the Performance  

  • Watch the Educator Preview Video

  • Start a K-W-L (Know-Wonder-Learn) exercise with your students.

Day of the Performance

  • Watch the Student Preview Video with your students.

  • Continue the K-W-L exercise with your students. What do you know about the subject matter we are about to see? What do you want to know?
  • Attend the live performance scheduled for your class.

After the Performance  

  • Watch the Post-Performance Video with your students.

  • Conclude your K-W-L by asking the students what they learned from the performance.
  • Use the games and activities located here.
  • Evaluate the program by clicking on the Hey,Teachers! icon and entering the code you received from the actors.
  • Complete the program evaluation for your chance to win $250 for your classroom.

Educational Standards  

Find the related state and Next Generation Science Standards here.

Educational Standards

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