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Thank you for taking the time to educate your students and their families about energy efficiency. We regret that we were unable to visit your school this year due to the ongoing health crisis. However, we want you to know that you can still participate by using NTC’s digital package and supplemental educational materials for distance learning. Accessing the materials is easy, and we believe that they integrate seamlessly with national and regional educational standards, as well as classroom curricula.


This entertaining, eight-minute video features a cast of NTC characters who introduce segments of previously recorded footage from NTC’s live, theatrical energy programs. The video explores the following four, main educational concepts:

  • What energy is
  • The uses of energy
  • How energy is wasted
  • What YOU can do to conserve energy

The concepts are broken up into simple, easy-to-understand sections. Not only will this video give your students important background information on the science of energy and electricity, it will also let them know how we can all form positive habits and behaviors in order to become better, environmental stewards.


To give your students access to watch this video, please copy the link below and include it in your daily e-lessons:


Student Activities

After watching the video, please instruct your students to check out the accompanying student activities. These fun and educational activities reinforce the concepts learned in the video, and they are designed to appeal to different types of learners. Since all the work can be completed online, these activities make for a simple and convenient distance learning assignment.

To give your students access to these activities, please copy the link below and include it in your daily e-lessons:

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Additional Information

For more energy education information for students, please visit the link below:

Additional Energy Information

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Evaluate the Digital Package

We want to make sure this digital package fits your needs. By filling out this, brief two-minute evaluation, you can help us improve the package and make it even more valuable and easier to use. Every year, we hear from thousands of educators just like you. Your feedback helps The National Theatre for Children design highly engaging, educational packages that communicate important, science-based and environmental topics to your students and their families.

To evaluate the digital package, please click the link below:

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Educational Standards

We know how important educational standards are to your teaching methods. Because of that, we have included the educational standards covered by each of the digital package’s educational concepts. These science and language arts standards are critical to the high-quality education your students deserve.

To access the standards, please click the link below:

Access Educational Standards

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